At this time of the year I normally go deep on what’s changed if you’re a front-end web developer with an iPad. This year, I’m not going to do that, largely because I don’t have a set-up that’s representative of a 2020 iPad Pro (I have a 10.5”), …

With remote-working, data needs to exist where its audience lives.

It feels like we’ve crossed a threshold. Businesses (and the general public) are increasingly calling for more data, and for it to be presented in a smart and pedagogic way.

But we are living in a seriously distracted time. Knowing…

A few tweaks from Google would really improve my day

Google Tag Manager is a strange beast. Its purpose is essentially abstraction — to provide a layer between a website and multiple types of site measurement. It’s been used brilliantly, loosely, badly and plain-old abusively in many cases, but it is trying to make it possible for non-developers to (for…

Craig Morey

Ex Londoner, new Gothenburger. Data insights at Polestar.

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